A bit about me and this Site

Welcome to Tony Paull Consulting, a web site dedicated to helping small office and home office entrepreneurs.

Starting your own enterprise, no matter how small, is a daunting prospect and at times it will seem unlikely that you will ever succeed. Having the ability to call on someone who has been there and done it can be a huge relief.

My name is Tony Paull, as you probably have gathered by now, and I am the owner of several small and home based companies operating throughout southern Africa.

Throughout my working life I have been fortunate in that I have always been able to call on the support of a mentor and over time have become both mentor to other small business owners while I continue to be mentored by some really smart folks.

I left the corporate world almost 15 years ago to start up my first small business. My early endeavours really left something to be desired and never got off the ground. I had been following my passion and looking for those things I loved to do as the basis for my companies.

It soon dawned on me that whatever it was that I was doing was obviously not the right formula and I needed help, fast! I turned to a close friend who had been a very successful small business owner for many years. This was my first introduction to mentoring.

After a full day session looking through my ideas and concepts he gave me what I still regard as the best business advice I have ever received. He told me to forget about following what I perceived to be my passions and go back to doing what I did best, in other words what I had been doing for many years as a corporate employee. Incidentally it was a job I hated but one that I was pretty good at.

It worked. My first success as an entrepreneur was owning a home based business doing what I hated! Admittedly it took an awful amount of willpower and determination to make it work but I doggedly stuck to it for 3 years which eventually allowed me to fund ventures that I had more interest in.

Through this site I intend to share the experiences, good and bad, of my journey through company ownership. I have launched and owned several successful small business and over the last 6 years or so have been helping budding new entrepreneurs take their first tentative steps into ownership.

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